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Wonder Africa Solutions it'sMobile Application
We set up your mobile applications in their entirety.
So do not wait any longer.
Wonder Africa Solutions it's Web Development
With our team, let us do our best to satisfy your desir.
Different type of responsive Web site only for you
Wonder Africa Solutions it'sNetwork Security
Trust us and you will never be disappointed

Our services

Website creation

Responsive websites (e-commerce site, classified ads, showcase site, blog, forum, etc.) coded by hand or using CMS (WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc.), progressive web applications and even sculpins based on artificial intelligence.

Application development

Mobile applications on Android and IOS, hybrid and cross-platform applications, ergonomic, lightweight with low battery usage. As well as applications with offline mode that work without the internet.

Web Design (UI / UX)

Designing beautiful interfaces while keeping everything simple, organised, intuitive and easy to learn and use. Our agency regularly updates itself on the latest trends and technologies (material design, flat design ...) for results that will make the difference.

Data analysis

Data is pouring in at an exponential rate due to the proliferation of its sources. On the other hand, the time available to use them is shrinking. Develop a Big Data strategy to achieve high-performance solutions quickly. Our experts, partners and technologies can help you thrive in a data-centric world.

Network security

Securing a network for a company means making the various devices that make it up more reliable, so that information can be better stored and made sure that it is in the hands of people who have the right to dispose of it. It is important to use a security system to keep sensitive information safe and prevent it from being disclosed in any way.

Interior design

WOAS responds to your interior design and decoration needs by providing expertise and personalised advice according to your wishes and needs, your way of life and your budget. Specialising in photo-realistic 3D modelling, we put into perspective the projects of architects or interior designers, and contribute to the enhancement of properties.

Who are we ?

WOAS (Wonder Africa Solutions) a startup created in 2018 by a young team of passionate people who have made it their mission to provide your company with the tools it needs to present itself, stand out, gain visibility and conquer the market. Whether you need to create a website, a mobile or business application, a data backup and restore solution, a chatbot or a creative web marketing campaign. Our teams put all their creative imagination at the service of your company to boost its growth.
Located in Douala, more precisely in Denver-Bonamoussadi, WOAS has the skills and the spirit of innovation necessary to give another dimension to your company.

Why work with WOAS ?

A personalised service

WOAS assures you a personalised service according to your needs and preferences.

Reliable and turnkey solutions

This allows us to develop applications that your users will love to use.

Recognised experience

Prestigious national and international clients who have placed their trust in us.

Deadlines controlled and on time

Wonder African Solution offers you a fast, efficient and just-in-time service.

Clear and competitive rates

We offer clear and competitive rates with interesting offers for start-ups.

Equipe talentueuse et créative

Experienced designers, developers and digital marketing experts.

Marketing Agency That Helps Your Succeed

You have an idea for a great project, you have a beautiful website, you have solutions for problems; but if you are the only one who knows it, then it’s only for you. Digital marketing is necessary if you want to make your company and your services known.

Digital marketing is indeed a set of digital marketing strategies (email marketing, search engine marketing, web analytics, affiliate marketing, social and viral marketing, mobile marketing).

We are the solution if you want to get your business off the ground and multiply your revenues. Together we will find the ideal strategy for your business.


The security of your information system, its peripherals, data and applications is becoming a major concern in the face of computer threats that are constantly increasing in number and sophistication. WONDER AFRICA SOLUTION provides you with the expertise of its IT security consultants and a range of solutions to guarantee an optimal level of security for all your IT infrastructures.

With the rise of the Internet, and the use of computerised processes by the majority of companies and organisations, threats to information systems have continued to increase and become more sophisticated, making IT security a necessity for all types of structure.